uSail - Adult Sailing Program

The Royal Saint George Yacht Club had 4x large keel boats for training adults but were not reaching full capacity on their courses. After assessing the current set up I took steps to implement the following…

  • Write a syllabus tailored to the target audience

  • Create a marketing strategy

  • Implement an online booking system which could be linked directly to targeted social media advertising

  • Create engaging social media posts

  • Design printed leaflets with information and calls to action

At the end of the summer we had tripled the amount of course sign ups!


Print Media


Instructor Easterns Weekend.jpg

The Big Gay sail!!!

Absolutely delighted to have hosted the Royal Saint George Yacht Clubs very first Pride Event and the cherry on top was to have Chris and Larry from Gays Around The Bay on board as they did an awesome blog post of their experience.

I can’t wait to see how this event grows in the future!

Extra content for the Yacht Club


Promoting the clubs new rowing boats to the members


Promoting the clubs new online booking system

KPMG had a corporate team building event and we wanted to promote this kind of event to other companies. I figured a fun way of doing that would be to create a live story. The production quality is low and sound can be hard to hear sometimes but it was so effective having live commentary of the day. The sailors themselves interacted online and a lot of people followed the story as it unfolded.